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AEM – Agenzie Europee Marittime – was founded in December 13th, 1979, as a tramp vessel agency. In April 1980, however, AEM was already representing the first vessel of the Marseille Fret “Peter Wash” directed to the French Antilles. On 1981 AEM was appointed General Agent for Surinam Line with a regular service of general cargo and containers.

New service of the UAL to Canada with regular calls from Genoa and Leghorn. From ‘88 AEM was appointed General Agent for the Paquet and represented the two ships Mermoz and Ocean Princess in all Italian ports. The range of the services offered by AEM, to which have to be add the manning, bunkering and the chartering, is thus very wide.

In 1992 AEM install its prestigious headquarters in Via Ceccardi, right in the center of Genoa. Moreover, in 1995, to better assist vessels and Clients , AEM opened a branch in Leghorn.

Thanks to the various Ship-owners represented we can say that all the continents are well served!!!!

Agenzia di Genova

Via Ceccardi 1/9 16121 - Genova Tel: +39 010576701 - Fax: +39 0105738223

Agenzia di Livorno

Via III Novembre, 8 - scala A 57123 - Livorno Tel: +39 0586895500 - Fax: +39 0586895504

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